Zak Stephens

Software developer, making games out of web stuff.


Webby Golf

Wayfarer's REST

Multiplayer Online not-RPG. Tech demo for a 100% REST multiplayer game.

Honourable mention: Linux Game Jam 2019

I LÖVE Minigolf!

The theme was friction, but I just really wanted to make a minigolf game, tbh.

LÖVE Jam 2019

Froogle Home

Play as a "Froogle" Home, convince the homeowners to buy smart appliances.

Global Game Jam 2019

Gunship: Tactical Munitions Capitalism

Choose your magazine bullet-order and destroy everything on-screen! Shooting costs you points, destroying enemies lets you get them back.

Shortlisted: Linux Game Jam 2018


Breaking up with Windows

An Unsolved Problem: A Data Structure for the Laundry Pile

Writing a Real-time Ordered Dithering Shader for Gunship